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Lanterna Magica - Autumn Symphony | Until 10 December
Until December 10!
Château de
La Hulpe

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Intense, enchanting and musical...

Lanterna Magica - Autumn Symphony | Until 10 December
Lanterna Magica - Autumn Symphony | Until 10 December

An autumn symphony...

Discover a whole new trail and follow the rhythm of the twirling autumn leaves.

Entering a forest during autumn is music in itself...The rhythm of footsteps, the rustling of leaves, the complete metamorphosis of nature. Something irresistible captures our senses! Somewhere between joy and melancholy...

This year, Lanterna Magica RTL  once again takes over the lavish Castle of Ter Hulpen with light and music. An autumn symphony takes you to a true forest wonderland, tinged with musical notes, shadow play and light. Discover nature in an astonishing way; full of colors and music, and experience a unique musical composition!

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“Wonderful, magical and relaxing at the same time, thanks to the musical atmosphere!”

- Geneviève R.

“Sublime and magnificent organization. We loved it, young and old, and we spent 1h30 at our ease enjoying everything.”

- Aurélie M.

“Enchanting, magical, and splendid for all ages, the chance to dream once again.”

- Carine V.

“Beautiful experience ... magical and enchanting.”

- Isa D.

“It was great and magical.”

- Marc D.

“Lots of new things to experience. No sense of déjà vu despite having been here last year. Magnificently magical!”

- Vanessa L.

“Beautiful, attractive, poetic and enchanting!”

- La Libre

“A unique sensory experience”

- Flair

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