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Lanterna Magica - Autumn Symphony | Until 10 December


Enjoy a magical and exceptional culinary experience at the heart of Lanterna Magica RTL!

Start or continue your enchanted trail with a timeless gustatory and olfactory experience... Installed alongside the Château de la Hulpe, the Hémisphère domes invite young and old people to embark on a veritable culinary adventure. 

Let yourself be seduced by menus with delicious autumnal notes and woody touches. A cuisine infused with oranges, chestnuts and greens for an explosion of flavors that will take you on a journey to the heart of nature.

Enter to the enchanting world of Lanterna Magica RTL, where the transparent domes will immerse you in this unique atmosphere!


“Beautiful, attractive, poetic and enchanting!”

- La Libre

“A unique sensory experience”

- Flair

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